Safelink Wireless - didn't get no minutes on my cell phone

didn't get minutes on my cell phone first of month it's a trac phone lg i want to know why it's safelink and it's robert's it's a trac phone and model number is lg320g from janury 3 that's only time he got his free minutes after that nothing at all it's a sakelink i'm the one who order the phone for him to used i'm the only one with a laptop he want to know if he can get his minutes back on his phone or what can he do

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Jan 05 Evansville, Indiana

I didn't get my time on my phone this month please help

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Oct 13, 2014 Canton, Ohio

i didnt get my min this month on 2345210943

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Aug 19, 2014

thank God for the Obama phone Samsung Mega was stolen yesterday and i now rely on my government phone to stay connected...cant afford another 500 dollar phone right now so this is working out all yall government bashing butt wipes can kiss my booty cheeks.

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Sep 15, 2012

Amen sweet caroline.

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Aug 17, 2012

Dear miss Caroline from NC, Lokk hun u dont know everyone situation about needing their minutes on time, i happen to have a job and cant afford to pay for a cell phone, so just because u are one of the lucky ones that can afford everything u need, dont trash other ppl because u do not know their situation. Thanks.

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Jun 04, 2012

I've had all of these same problems. My phone doesn't show add or redeem airtime. But this is how to get your minutes each month. You will have to have the use of a phone with minutes or a landline phone to do it, since it takes several minutes. Call 1-800-378-1684. Go through the menu options and choose the one that says if you've already tried redeeming mins and it hasn't worked. It will talk you through the code entry mode and you'll have to enter in several things. Once the codes are in you'll have your minutes. It's a pain in the ***, but you can still get your minutes this way. Hope this helps!

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Safelink sucks

Feb 02

This solution won't add free airtime. In one of the steps it asks for the pin on the airtime card. There is no airtime card with the free monthly minutes. When I said I didn't have a pin, the recording said to call back when i had an airtime card and could give the pin.

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worthless person

Apr 07, 2012

*** *** *** n the worst is that in customer service they make you feel like you are worth nothing just because u cantafford a phone when they dont even know the situation u are going through. a waste of time for u to feel even worst about ur situation.

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Dec 03, 2011

It is the 3rd of the month and I still hae not received my minutes either. It keeps saying system unavailable. And for any of you that try to tell me to go and get a job, I AM DISABLED and cannot work. I did not choose to get sick and disabled. Not everyone is trying to scam the system. I have to have this phone to keep in touch with my doctors.

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jerry dorminy

Dec 01, 2011

i didnt get my mins for dec tried using my phone to get my mins didnt work

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Nov 11, 2011

u say personal attacks b deleted, the *** talkin @ the top bout freeloading, that person may have had their legs blown off n disabled serving the country 2 protect ur *** ***, stfu !!!

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Nov 02, 2011

Does anyone have the blue Samsung cell phone? The one that doesn't have an "add airtime" option under "Menu"?

I'm trying to get this month's minutes, but so far I can't get to where I need to be...

Please, anyone have any ideas?

Please e-mail me at if you can help me out here, I have no idea what I'm doing!

Thanks so much.

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Nov 02, 2011

Hey Leo, I did the same thing! I called my dad and said to hang up and let me call him back on my home phone...

About an hour later I realized that this phone doesn't turn off when it's simply closed... I wasted nearly 100 minutes for not knowing that (and I've done it since, just out of habit)! :eek

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Nov 02, 2011

My phone doesn't have an "Add Minutes" option, it just isn't there... My minutes should have been added already (it's only the 2nd of the month).
Could they have discontinued me or something?
I gave that number to so many jobs I applied for and now I have 40 seconds left...
My phone is a Samsung, if that matters

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Oct 19, 2011

Wow, you people have a nerve going to Pissed Consumer. Consumers refer to paying customers, you my friends are leaches. Living off the government sitting on your fat ***. If you want your *** minutes so bad get a *** job and go to wal-mart and buy them. It's free and you are still complaining? Why do you feel like everyone owes you anything, let alone free *** cell phone minutes? If you want good service then pay for it!!!

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Mar 01, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio

miss caroline for your information not everyone is sitting on fat--- and getting afree phone from govt. i'm 62 worked from time i was 15 till became disabled verify by 7 dr. was made to go on disability after working all my life raised son by myself. i was married to a loser didn't have to get married.long storyshort worked 2 jobs at times never drew a dime from state, welfare or anyone else.i would love to have a smart phone can't afford . so know everyone isn't a free loader

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Apr 03, 2013 San Jose, California

I know tha right Mrs. Carol... People like her you just have to ignore. They're specifically on this site to find something negative to say to people. Just plain ignorance if you ask me!... I respect every word you said and it was very brave of you to say it in response to a person like her. ,)

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Leaching Off Obama As Much As

Jun 10, 2014

You are a ***. These phones were SENT to these people because they receive assistance. I know there are a ***-ton of people on assistance who don't deserve it, but for those who DO, and have been sent this POS phone (that doesn't work anyway), those trying to get themselves out of the hole can't, because they can't get job call backs, because obama sends out all these free phones, you use the first month of minutes looking for work, and when it doesn't fill again (for whatever reason), there goes your shot at answering any call backs. If you don't have any USEFUL information, get the *** of this site. You don't need to be here anyway. You are one of those losers, probably on assistance yourself (or you wouldn't be here) and looking to make your miserable life shine by getting negative feedback. Well, you got it. You are a *** in 2011, and now. Congrats.

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Feb 02 New York, New York

I just think people like Caroline are the reason us fat us leeches can't get the *** up off the couch and get a job we love to watch you wine. In all honesty it makes me sick because just because you get welfare don't mean you are uneducated or lazy. My mother had 4 kids after my 3rd brother was born making it all 4 she had she worked 2 jobs while putting herself through school to get her GED she left school to marry my dad because they were madly in love. Ha so for your rolling your eyes dumb *** attitude true love can happen. He worked and she worked and it still wasnt enough she relied on some assistance, to help with her 4 kids....As I became an adult she than put herslef through College and graduated Deans list. At a 2 year college and is now currently in a 4 year college about to graduate this summer. I remember missing my mom so had growing up because she worked everyday. As I grew up I didnt know what a day off was because she litterally worked at one job or the dad is a carpet installer he worked when jobs came in....I remember standing in line to get free shoes for school, and shopping at goodwill and having people judge me at school because I didnt have the nicest name brand clothes, and I didnt wear name brand shoes. I had a mom who worked her *** *** off for her family and now she is 56 years old and has Chronic COPD so badly and was told she would instantly get disability and she turned it down and still *** works your snide little comment... Show more

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