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Never have we experienced a company that provides service this poor. From start to finish it was lie after lie. 5 weeks to get a cellphone working for our 87 year old mother. These folks are paid by taxes/fees collected with no compitition so there is no insentive to provide good service.

3 case numbers, 7 sim cards, 2 telephones and at least 25 call over a 5 week period and she can finally use the phone.

PS: This is a program federal fees/taxes paid by U.S. phone users and Safelink's parent company is Owned by America Movil (A Mexican Corp)

So we have no companies in the United states that can provide service this poor.

Review about: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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:? I was the phone with customer service for an hour because they kept putting me on hold so they could check with their supervisior, call different departments several times (placing me on hold each time)and after all that, they end up telling me it could take 24 hrs for the phone activation to go through-didn't they know that before all that time on the phone? Also, I have no idea what a 'signal bar' is and told them but they kept asking how many I had so I just ended up telling them how many (one) that I think I had based on what I thought the signal bar looked like!

Couldn't they explain what a signal bar looks like?

If my phone doesn't activate after the 24 hours, it's going back to them with good luck wished to the next person they send it to who tries to activate it! :(

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