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I applied four months ago. I was told my info didn't match records.

WHAT? (I'd had my wallet stolen, w/my social security card in it, so I was worried). I took pics of the info they wanted and e-mailed if FIVE TIMES, no confirmation, and online it still said I needed to send it. So I send hardcopies.

Every time I check, still says I need to send info. So, I call, and they say they got it, but they need proof of date of birth...IT IS ON MY DRIVER'S LICENSE!!!! But, my license only has my first INITIAL on it, not my full name (I had a cyber stalker who managed to get too much info, so EVERYTHING has my initials instead of full name, except my license, because I go by my middle name). Every time I call, the issue is different.

All that documentation has the same name. They can't decipher this from the INITIAL????

So, four months later, still no phone, and more issues than ever. I've made a report to the state attorney general, because it's gotten FISHY.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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