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update, I called and spoke to a rep, in the Philipeans, I explained my situation, the Rep told me she checked and saw that the account was suspended due to the missed recertification. She told me she would re-apply me, but needed information.

Name, address, ss, all the things asked for when you recertify. After a few minutes, and I finished -enrolled or recertified, she put me on hold, and spoke to someone, I could not hear what was said, but she came back to tell me she was advised, by whoever, that I could not reapply because there was someone else in the house, who had a Safelink account. I told her, that no one else had an account with safelink. We moved into this house less than 6 weeks ago, and the house had been empty for months before I moved in.

The rep told me she had ripped up the new application, someone told her to destroy the application, And for me to call Safelink back in 60 days and they would do another application.

I asked everyone in the house if they had an Account with Safelink they said No,,, but the Rep said that all she could do was destroy the application and have me call back in Feb..2019. I am heartbroken, I need the phone, and I have to wait for 60 days, who knows what they will say then.

I liked: When i first received the safelink cell phone, Free service, Free plan.

I didn't like: Now i feel this big company has no heart.

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Thank you for your kind words. God Bless you


QUOTE : "I am heartbroken" ... Oh please. You will survive.

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