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Spoke with customer service and she heard me very well, when I mention I was having a problem with the phone, the battery would not hold a charge, she did not understand what I was saying, I repeated the question four to five time, louder each time, So I asked for her supervisor, which she heard very clearly, after a lot of pushing I finally got the Supervisor, The Supervisor could not help me as I did not have the phone to hand, I asked I have all the information to hand why do you need the phone, she explained it was protocol, I said my aunt who owns the phone, called the technical dept, the phone was plugged into the wall socket as that is only way it will work, the technician checked the phone and said it seems to working very well, aunt said well it is plugged into the wall if I take it out the phone dies, the technician said remove the charger from the phone, the phone died, so the call was lost, the saga was repeated again and my aunt fortunately spoke to the same technician, who ran through the same procedure, the technician, yes same one was called a third time, he still admitted he could not find a fault.

So I ask others how do you get a new battery for an 8 year old phone out of this *** company who either don't understand or is it don't want to understand and help a 82 year old women.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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