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I have contacted safelink wireless approx. 5 times on 2/12/2011 concerning changing my phone number but have gotten no resolve to change my phone number.

In addition, I keep getting put on hold and continuously asked the same questions over and over again. not only that, but now I can neither receive phone calls or call out on my phone. they keep telling me I have to wait an hour each time I call for the service to be activated and my phone number to be changed and to have the ability to add minutes for which I already have remaining minutes on my phone. I am so aggravated I could scream.

Finally, I keep getting CSR's on the phone that doe not speak good english that keep asking me for the same information. I have asked to speak to a supervisor or manager twice and have done so but its the same scenario.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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I can honestly say I've never experienced worse customer service than Safelink. In July of 2011 my cell no longer received minutes even though I was not due for recertifying.

For the next 5 months I spent hours on the phone attempting to both receive the minutes, and correct the problem that prevented them from being loaded automatically. Every call took up to two hours with several reps who each repeated the same questions and the same answers. I finally cancelled my service and signed up with their competitor.

I just composed a letter to what I thought was Corporate Headquarters summarizing this mess to which I received a reply: Instructions on How To Apply For Safelink Service. Unbelievable.


That's probably the easiest solution but my phone came with an out of state number which makes it a long distance call for people to call me. Had I known I'd have so much trouble porting my number over, I wouldn't have ever done it.

To actually speak to someone at Safelink or Tracfone that has half a brain and actually fixes a problem is unheard of.

I've already filed a complaint with the FCC and the Better Business Bureau. And I thought Verizon was least they can fix their problems...these people can't and don't care.


Just keep the number you have. Its free, enjoy it as it comes

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