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I seriously could not give my address any more times the same way and have them tell me it wasn't a valid address!!

After 2 hours and me crying to the point I lost my voice and came close to passing out!! What the *** kind of company is this? I lost feeling in my fingers and dropped the phone in my sink (empty) and frantically sought if they were still on the line...they were. I was on the phone for a simple address change!!!!

They talk over you!! They don't talk to you!! They don't speak very clear English.

In the millionth time I was transferred and after the 4th SUPERVISOR, I had to give my address again.

End result.... Call back in 48 hours!!!! WTF???

Go through all of this again???? No way in *** will I do this again!!

I want a job there!!!!! I seriously do,,,,!!!

Please!!! Let me tell and show them what customer service means and teach them how to communicate with one another!!! I am not even asking for money to do this!!! It would be my pleasure to show and tell them a thing or two! Please, please, please!

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Pendleton, Kentucky, United States #1205761

I talked to a lady named cindy (she said). She told me to take my battery out of the phone then asked what color the speaker was!lol I told her it was black and she told me it couldn't possibly be black!

Then I told her the only color in the phone besides black was a red dot by the speaker. She said that there was no dot and I had to give her the color in the speaker. I put my daughter on the phone and she told her that we were lying and we were trying to steal the phone! My daughter said why in the *** would we steal a damp Obama phone for?

She couldn't even speak english! We asked her to transfer us to someone that wasn't rude and dirty. She said she couldn't and wouldn't let us talk to a supervisor. She talked to us like dogs.

I'm disabled and need a phone in case of an emergency. My phone quit working and she made it as difficult as possible for me. She called me a liar and a thief! Does anyone know what I can do about this?

All I want is a little cheap phone to call for help if I need it.

This the second time I've been disrespected by these people. To h*** with safelink!


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