Richwood, West Virginia

We'll I have apply several times for safelink but still will not let the app go threw that is why I sending this I would really like if u would help me get a cell phone I need one my husband has copd and needs to have a phone when he is out so if he has a flair up he would be able to call me I would sure hope that someone will help me and him because we really need it and I go online to fill out app and it says birthdate is wrong which it's always right want to know y.....

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Hi! Our sincerest apology for this matter. To further help you, please send us an email at or you can chat with us live at


SafeLink Wireless

to MattSL Maryville, Tennessee, United States #817625

I found right off the BAT Service rep hung up 10 seconds into call for first time wont let anyone apply on line says SSN in Valid City invalid and gets worse from there how can anyone get any help if you purposely block people who really need HELP!!!

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