Why does Safelink take minutes from customers when they make inquiries to to/through 611 calls to SAFELINK customer service? This is very strange considering that this SAFELINK program is to help those who can least afford those confiscated minutes!!!

A blind senior citizen in Pennsylvania had a problem dialing the small phone SAFELINK sent him. Therefore he inquired for speed dial feature. It took so long to get to s customer service representative, understandably. However, the staff at the Customer service kept him on the phone for a on while without providing any workable solution.

Then we checked his minutes, and found that despite the documnets that came with the phone sayoing that SAFELINK does not charge for calling 611 to their customer service, SAFELINK had actually taken the minutes thgey spent on the phone with the blind senior. Even without giving any help!!!

When we called to inquire about this problem, SAFELINK continued to take every minute spent with their customer service from the balance of minutes allotted to the blind senior.

Is ithis because this is a government sponsored program, or just a nice way for tracfone to make money by preying on those they are supposed to assist?

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