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I am disabled and wanted to keep my same phone number from other company. First card sent didn't work, they tell me it's broken, how can it be broken.

OMG....the BS I went through. I received 2 more cards, this now makes 6 cards and tonight she's basically call me a liar well no she is calling me a liar because the info I gave her did not match what she has. I think I know my birthday, my bank card #, zip code etc.....I just said forget it I'll go with Assurance I'm sure they care more knowledgeable then you and I'm having my attorney contact Safelink because I have over 6 health issues which need to be attended to I can't call my doctors, they can't call me and I'm not going to tie someones phone up when I should have to. Extremely pissed off right now.

Why would I get a SIM yesterday and one today? Would you call that a competent company esp. when I already have about 4 other ones..I think not...don't waste your time if your wanting to bring your old number with you.

My number wasn't even in the phone when I rec'd it. DUMBASSES.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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