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First of all, I was with safelink many years with no problem, then in November of 2017, I started getting text messages saying I needed to recertify when I had already recertified quite a few times! I called customer service and talk to people who do not know how to speak English.

I was told different things each time then finally at the end when they were cutting me off I had many minutes left that I lost Then they told me I had to requalify I retried to requalify and that was no good either I was told I had 2 phones that were registered with safe link and it was like I was some kind of criminal with 2 phones which of course I did not have two phones. These people are ripping off the government. They are probably receiving money from the government for this imaginary second phone that I supposedly have! This company should be closed down for fraud.

I would rather do without a free phone than deal with these people as they took hours of my time and I had to talk to people that I couldn't even understand! The company, does nothing but want you to buy minutes while you have your free phone, they keep texting you to buy more minutes! They are a rip off. I am reporting them to my congressman and explaining my situation!

Something has to be done with this fraudulent company! My warning is Stay away from safe link!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree 100%! Same here.

They are telling my husband his phone is activated and ready to use, yet when he tries it tells him he needs to activate his phone.

He can't use it. SafeLink is not only a joke, but yes, I believe fraudulent as well.

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