my due time for re-evaluation is 10/10/2013 and i have not received my new minutes for this month i am having a hard time contacting anyone when i called the compamy use my last five minutes then got disconnected who and what do i do to fined out what to do about finding out why i did not get my new minutes now that i have no minutes left on my phone i can not call u to find out why i didnot get my new minutes i need to talk to someone directly or you need to give me my minutes so i can call you my number is 401-316-0251

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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I have to call every month to get my minutes. Plus they always tell me I haven't done my review which I do every month also.

What's up with this company? :( :(

PEOPLE~~~ This is NOT Safelink. This is just a random web site where people can complain.

Don't ask Safelink to "help" you here - it's NOT their site.

And don't leave your phone numbers here! Anyone can see them who comes to this site.


I did not get my minutes yet for the month and its past the third thank you?

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