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I didn't get my safelink minutes this month and I was wondering why and there is no add air time option but as I was at the mall the other day someone told me safelink was suppose to be going out of business. Which means everyone is screwed including myself.

I don't know if this is indeed true but I believe it is cause everyone I talk to hasn't got there monthly minutes and I know everybody phone can;t be broke at the same time so it's a company problem.

SO the only thing I can tell everybody is get another phone from somewhere cheap and buy your minutes after you use out the ones on the safelink plan.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Plan.

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The Self-Retrieval method doesn't work, it's all a pile of bull. All it does is give me a message that says "The system is currently unavailable."


thank u so much judy ur a life saver



You may retrieve your Monthly Minutes by following these instructions:

Press the MENU key.

"Prepaid" will be displayed across your screen.

Press OK or SELECT.

Go to "Redeem Airtime" or “Add Airtime."

Press OK or SELECT.

If your screen displays a message, go down and press OK until you see “Card #” or “Airtime PIN.”

Enter 555 and press OK.

If you are prompted for a promo code, press NO.

You will receive your Minutes shortly.

to judy Bay City, Michigan, United States #616801
judy, you're a genius...thanks for the info... worked :)
to judy Morristown, Tennessee, United States #926464

I tried...it didn't work. It says there are no pending updates for my phone and I'm starting to run low.


call them and get tech support online. They will give u a series of long numbers over the phone line(dont call from cell) and you will be fine.


A good cheap place would be a thrift store to get a phone. Only problem is affording the minutes every month.

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