My phone stopped functioning at the end of September 2012. I have been trying to reach a rep at SafeLink customer service since October of 2012.

I have called once a week since October of 2012, each time being on hold for at least an hour (when I was patient enough to wait that long). Finally after months of not being able to speak with someone and attempting to email them and getting error messages every time, I sent a handwritten SNAIL MAIL letter to the Executive Resolutions Department (which goes directly to TracFone since they are the actual service provider). A message was left for me on my daughter's phone with a number to their department. I called back and was on hold with THAT department for an extended period of time as well.

their hours are listed as 8am to 10pm, so I called the next day first thing in the morning. After reaching "Savian", I was finally able to get someone to send out a piece of replacement equipment. He said I would have it in 3-5 days (which usually means 3-5 BUSINESS days, meaning weekends or holidays do not count in that total amount of days) and if there was a problem w/ my airtime, to call them back after the new equipment was activated. THIS CALL TOOK PLACE ON 02/21/13.

I finally received the phone on 03/02/13. I called to have it activated and none of the minutes were on it, so I had to call back to the Executive Resolutions Department which I did on 03/04/13 and was on hold for 6 hours (I was using a speakerphone so that I could do other things during my extended wait). This call started at 4:27pm and ended at 10:30pm since no one would answer. I called back again the next day FIRST THING and reached "Richard" who was of no assistance.

He told me that my airtime allotment would not go back to the time the phone stopped functioning because the airtime had already been added. THERE IS NO WAY FOR THE AIRTIME TO GO ONTO THE EQUIPMENT IF IT IS OFF AND SINCE THE PHONE WAS NOT WORKING, THE MINUTES WERE NOT ON IT. I have received postcards EACH MONTH starting October 2012 that have even stated that the airtime hadn't been added and to please do so. So why couldn't "Richard" put my total airtime on the phone?

He said it was on the old equipment and would not be put on the new equipment. I explained that even if the minutes were on the old equipment, THE PHONE DOESN'T WORK AND THE MINUTES COULD NOT BE USED, therefore they are still due to me! He continued to try to talk over me as to why I couldn't have them etc. So, I asked for a supervisor.....YES, THEY HAVE SUPERVISORS IN THE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION DEPARTMENT SUPPOSEDLY!

Her name is "Vanessa" and she never came to the phone.....I waited for her for an hour since she was allegedly on another call. While waiting for "Vanessa", I asked him if there was a direct number for her or an email address. There was no number, of course, but her gave me an email address that is supposedly directly to the ERD at TracFone. I was drafting an email as I was talking to "Richard" and waiting for "Vanessa", so I sent it once he gave me an address to send it to.

Finally, I told "Richard" that I had errands to run and had to leave the house, he took my daughter's number and said he would give it to "Vanessa" to call me. NO CALL EVER CAME IN!!!!! I called again the next day (03/06/13) first thing and reached another rep who asked me 3 questions and then gave me my airtime all the way back to October 2012. It was so simple, she did it in less than 2 minutes and the cellphone registered the time while I was still on the landline phone talking to her.

It's sad that it took all those hours on the phone with SafeLink customer service; a snail mail letter to ERD; all those hours on the phone with the ERD and an email to the ERD to get this handled when all it took was answering 3 questions and 2 minutes to process the airtime request in their system. No one speaks English very well and it makes you wonder if they even UNDERSTAND what you're saying to begin with. It is very frustrating after waiting on hold for so long to talk to someone with broken English who attempts to bully you and down play your issue. Don't even bother calling the regular SafeLink Wireless customer Service number, no one will answer it and you'll get one of three error messages when you attempt to contact them by email: 1-an error has occured; 2-internet explorer cannot display the webpage or you'll be redirected to the TracFone webpage and still won't be able to send them an email to have the issue resolved.

Write to the Executive Resolution Department. Maybe, if they start getting enough regular mail they'll change their way of doing business. They get paid by the government whether you're able to use your service or not, they don't really care about your issue and it shows in their lack of human decency and lack of customer service. Safelink WirelessAttention: Executive Resolution Department9700 N.W.

112th AvenueMiami, FL 331781(800)876-5753Please make sure to re-post this info so that others don't have to read all the other complaints before being able to locate this.


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I have issues with the phone also ,when I call out or call come in no-one can hear me I explain to the lady she tell me nothing wrong with phone when I try to call while on the phone it wouldn't go through. How do I get a replacement phone.

Springfield, Illinois, United States #1324974

I did my recertification,my phone was to be turned on yesterday

to Anonymous Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines #1325394

Hi. I’m Matt from SafeLink Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please click on this link http://bit.ly/2gQCmUz?caseId= to chat with a live agent.

For your convenience, you may contact one of our customer care representatives at 1-800-378-1684. Our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

Toledo, Ohio, United States #1280352

You people turned offmy phone. I use it everyday. Turn it back on my number is 4193291273


Maybe I'm just so pissed off from 5 full days without service simply because I PURCHASED a new phone thru THEY'R website, or once again I spent my valuable time with this *** (I have no other choice other than to assume said author has been tracphone trained)

If you were able to wait months on end for your minutes you obviously DON'T need a govt assisted phone/service

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