my LG Safelink cell phone does not have under the prepaid button on the phone option the add airtime feature. So I can not even add airtime to my phone.

It is now Nov.

5 and I hve not recieved my airtime on my phone automatically either.At this point I do not know what to do. I called the 800 number but after pushing the button i was promted yo push all i got was a busy signal I would like to know wht is going to be done about this.Iknow some people think that most people that own safelink phones can afford other phones but I am not one of those people I am disabled and I am glad that safelink came up with safelink now if they can make it work better that would be great.

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A week ago i called safelink to verfy my enrollment into the program for another year. So today I bought minutes because i was running out.

I go to the prepaid menu , can't add my tracphone minutes..People are calling me..i cant get to the call because i am out of minutes..I AM SO SICK OF THIS COMPANY THEY NEED TO FIX WHATEVER IS WRONG WITH THIS *** SYSTEM AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! FED UP!!!!


cant add minutes to my phone cuz it dont say add airtime so what do i do


Safelink, i can not add minutes to my phone. The phone is not coming up with the customer service person says.

Please send me by email on how to add the minutes to my phone. Thank you

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