i cant recieve the minutes for my free safelink phone. i have called customer service and i dont have the app that says redeem or add air time minutes.

i cant get a hold of anyone at customer service. i dont know what else to do. how can i recieve my minutes for my phone? i have my safelink membership card with all the information that explains how to recieve my minutes but it does me no good to have and refer to this card because i dont have the app its referring to.

i need my mins.

today, i have three kids and no other way to get in touch with anyone in case of an emergency. please help me and than you in advanced.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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By the way, I used to have no problems with Safelink service for the first year and a half, or so. Now, you can never get through to anywhere.

I think they get paid because it is a government provided service and just keep adding more and more people to the service, but not making necessary system upgrades. They have become unaccountable and just keep collecting their money from government and taxpayers.


I can never get my minutes to load onto my phone. I keep getting phone messages each month telling me that I need to get my minutes to keep my service, but when I attempt to load my minutes, I always receive a "Service is Unavailable at this Time" message on my phone.

Not only that, but whenever I have needed to contact my work in the next town over, I cannot get service until I am a mile or so away from my work. My phone always says "Restricted Call" until I am a mile or so away. I tried to call 911, repeatedly, and it said "Call Restricted" for 6 minutes after the Emergency occurred. Dangerous!

Tried to report it to Safelink from my Safelink phone... you guessed it! ..."Call Restricted." This phone is supposed to be provided to Low Income people so they can get help in case of an emergency. Does it sound like it does?!?

No way! I get no resolution from Safelink on this issue, either.

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