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I thought I lost my phone and called them. I found it the next day and called back but they deactivated it already and sent new one.

A customer service agent reactivated without any of the

minutes I had left. I called again and new customer service agent said old phone was not able to be used and not only that but my application was wrong and should have been disabled back in January. I said why did I not get notified by mail or phone? Mixed messages, so I asked for a supervisor who said he would have to send me a new SIM card.

I would have to loose all of my June and because it was June 20th, my July minutes as well. He would generously give me 10 minutes until August. Boy these foreigners are generous with the US governments program. In total they kept me on the line for one hour and six minutes, asking the same information they should have on file.

I just put them on speaker phone. I was trying to be honest and all I got was *** from bunch of incompetent customer service reps.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I am Matt and I work with SafeLink. Let me help you get this resolved.

Send me an email at and we will resolve your problem right away.

Include your name, a contact number and your cell phone number or phone serial number. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email.

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