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Safelink you sorry bastards ... this is the second time i have not gotten my minutes .....

i have tried all of your contacts methods and NOTHING !!! I have tried the "555" trick and it never ever works. And all i get when i call your toll free numbers is a dance partner .... i enter the "pending minutes" menu and when i get to it asks me to enter a card number that i have purchased ...

Im not purchasing your *** garbage ... you said free minutes ...i want my free minutes *** !! Your phones suck and your service SUCKS !!! Reply with where to return my phone and you can have it back and cram it up your *** > YOU SUCK !!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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Really? You are complaining about not getting something that is free?

This is a gift not a right.

Not all states offer a free cell phone with minutes. :( Ever heard the saying "Dont *** the hand that feeds you"

in that case ,buy ur own phone if "u can"......,elz know how to the customer care ,learn the basic manners,,,.........did't u learn that in school....,hope govt offers free schooling for ur kinna the future!!!!!

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