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I'm trying to reach someone to advise them that I have lost my phone and need it to be disconnected asap, and a replacement phone sent out.I have tried to call the customer number only to be told my hold time is over 30 minutes.That is ridiculous and should not be tolerated.Who has time to sent and hold a phone for that long.

Then as I go on line to enter the imformation it tells me that the information is not correct.I'm not sure what else to do, while in the mean time someone else has my phone

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I tried for hours to speak to somebody about a lost phone after hours I got somebody only to be told I had to get a phone and I wasn't able to get replacement.After trying 3phones people gave me I called back only to be hung up on.Now I need to buy a phone and hope this one works.I talked to 3 people was told 3 different things and hung up on once,hope this will be the last call I need to make to these people!


When I try to use my phone it goes to an automated call with choices that don't apply to me. It gives me another number to call which has the same automated choices. I have called every number I can find and every single one has the same automated choices.


After a month I still haven't gotten my safe link free phone

to Kathy sherrill #1365404

We have been waiting since June.The website has shown the account is pending and all documentation is approved.

Can not talk to anyone about it.Was given a hotline number to call from phone support (Tracfone) but it went right to the same automated choices that you get when calling their main number.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1351425

I need to know the status of my phone?

New York, New York, United States #1349268

i can't activation my replacement phone please help

Downey, California, United States #1349163

so i recently got a safelink phone and never got it only got the sim card what do i do abt that and there's no number to contact them which is bs

Seymour, Connecticut, United States #1345886

I tried to contact Safelink to get my new phone activated due to me losing my old phone but could never actually talk to a real person to get it set up, can someone out there please tell me how to talk to a Safelink rep. I've now been without any phone service for several days now what am I suppose to do encase of a medical emergency due to Safelink's sorry customer services

Waterford, Pennsylvania, United States #1345833

Tried to talk with someone to have a lost phone replaced andnever get an actual person to talk too....getting a bit ridiculous.


I had trouble 3 years ago with safelink, attempting to talk to a real person.

i contacted the BBB and to make a long story short, a i was talking to someone Safelink soon enough.

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