those people are desperate jackassess trying to kill my natural buzz that I live in AMERICA. Please send me the American office number, they said they could only transfer me. These *** act like they don't understand English and I speak it perfectly and my *** phone is sucking .3 minutes to text instead of .2 I signed up for, *** those *** guatamalans, they're *** terrorists, the same *** picks up every time and then when I transfer the same *** dude, I've talked to 3 people there ever and he says it's random with 2000 employees, *** them, give me the *** number to the American office, i'm *** pissed, if you say *** about this I have freedom of speech in words, so don't not respond cause I use quick descriptive words, if your a *** quatamalan reading this, *** you your not In our country for a reason, and whoever hired you is a *** treason committing mother ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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I'm pissed. They turned my phone off.

No warning no nothing saying I had to recert.

Now I have no phone. Thanks alot u *** .

Seattle, Washington, United States #679622

...."I have freedom of speech?"??? That is not freedom of speech.

That is an abuse and over-abuse of speech. What you have is a mouth full of worlds human and none human physiological wast: EXCREMENT!!

with smoking coming out! Do you enjoy it?!

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