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i have not received no minutes for the last 3 months,i would like to know why what good is this *** phone with no time on it.they said have to make a call every month to get time added and i do still nothing what is going on here.i can not get the safelink verifacation to work either.what am i surposed to do now when nothing works my comfermation number is 3444726 and my phone number is 740-876-1459.wht is it everybody else is getting their minutes and i don't get none it is not fair thank you

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My phone was lost and replaced. Got a new phone and no new minutes.


I have not receive any minutes passed 1 months I want to kown what happened to my phone Tel:614-218-0736


passed to 2 months I have not receive any minutes


Its free. Call customer service and sterp komplaining

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