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I just called Safelink for the second time to get my minutes and the woman I spoke to was very rude and told me yes I did get them. I have a total of 45 minutes left on my phone from June and i haven't received any for July and I guess I won't. This is such bull its the only phone I have in my household but I guess they don't care I'm about to toss the phone in the trash whats the sense in keeping a phone when theres no minutes and they need to get people that answer their phones that aren't complete idiots

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This is exactly the problem with our society and COUNTRY today. Someone complaining about a FREE CELL PHONE SERVICE!!

I wish you would throw your phone away because I'm tired of having to pay for it along with all the other government programs your enrolled in.

Why don't you try being a productive member of our society, and buy your own personal cell phone, minutes, text since your FREE ONE isn't up to your standards! Just a thought.


Hi! This is Matt, and I work with SafeLink Wireless.

I read your post and am sorry you are having problems. Please send me your contact information to the following email address We can help you get the problem resolved right away. Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number.

Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email. Thank you!

to MattSL Huntsville, Texas, United States #872366

Matt you do not exist, Safelink is a scam and the address does not exist. I have sent several complaints to that address. Within couple of minutes I am notified that mail undeliverable because no such address exist.

to ***ed Off n Texas #887274

I'd have to agree. I can't verify the address using online verification tools.

I think Safelink is for real but "someone" is collecting personal information through that fake email address.

It's not listed on the website either.

The real email address is

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