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1) I have been a Safelink customer almost since they started providing the service here in Florida. Each year, I am asked to log on to and click on VERIFY to establish the fact I am still eligible for the program. Log on? No record of me being a customer. Call by telephone; rude employees will either hang up or pass you around to others who haven't a clue. Send email; they want you to log on or call.

I recently went through almost two weeks in early October 2011 of trying to verify my existence with Safelink. When I refused to call and could get nothing through to them by email (no records there in Miami), I wrote a detailed letter (without pictures). Safelink FINALLY authorized my continued service through September 2013 based on my letter.

Yesterday - November 21, 2011 - I received a text message from Safelink I consider threatening. Safelink told me I needed to log on to and click on VERIFY or else my service would be canceled. I've attempted to log on this morning and Safelink informs me they have no record of me.

I sent an email to TracFone's Customer Service (more incompetents) this morning advising them I don't care what they do with my service. I have been approved for Safelink's service through 9/29/2013 and if they wish to cancel my service, have at it. I bought a brand new AT&T Nokia cell phone a little over a month ago, subscribed to their Go-Phone program and paid for a year's service in advance. I will have continuing cell phone service if Safelink cancels me out of their sloppy, mishandled program which they obviously keep no records on.

2) I am only receiving 125 minutes a month rather than the 250 they advertise. I questioned Safelink about this and was advised that if I wanted 250 minutes a month, I would have to buy the extra minutes and then none of the minutes would roll over to the next month. I'd say this is false and deceptive advertising by those I have repeatedly referred to as incompetents in my emails, phone calls and letters to them. All I receive in return are apologies for any inconvenience; then instructions to log on, call or email the information they need to verify my "account" they have no record of. Idiots!

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You are rigth, but actually you are an *** because it is notorious that you have not read the Terms and Conditions for the service, clearly there it says that you must to make the annual verification before ending every year, the minutes that you are suposed to receive those minutes are choosen by you. And if u want to change the plan you can call and they will do it for you, and one more thing, this service is free dont be such an ***, be grateful that you have it, you ***.

to YOU ARE RIGTH Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #1003398

Yep you have to choose the 250 minute/unlimited text plan when you sign up. If you don't choose it, you will automatically be enrolled in the lowest minute plan they offer.

And you do have to respond to their letter they send you asking you to verify all your information is still up to date to have uninterrupted service.

As the commenter above me stated, it is free so try not to sound so ungrateful.

If you can afford a cell phone without this free government cell phone plan, then great, but there are some of us who cannot keep up with today's competitive rates on cell phones and appreciate when something helpful is offered to us. Thanks.

to AppreciativeMama Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #1003400

ALSO: Just to clarify, you can also change your minute plan at any time by calling customer service. When I talk to them, they just take the phone number. I've never had a problem with them bringing up my account by my phone number, if that may help you.

yaeh this company really sucks! ive been reading all the posts from their pissed off customers(like me)im switching over to Assurance Wireless my friend has had one for tow and a halph years now and has NEVER had a problem.

im also going to find out how to sue a company for fales advertizing,and will post all i find out.this is so unfair people are hurting and they need help not fales hope aggrivation and lies. :upset

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