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Update by user Sep 09

This month, I was unable to access any web pages on my phone. I kept getting a message that said "you are offline." I called tech support 2 days after the date that my benefits are supposedly reloaded.

I was told that their records show that I have exceeded my data usage already. I asked how is that possible when I haven't even been able to access the internet. The man said that there are apps on my phone that may be using the data, and since their system says I have used all my data then there is nothing he can do to restore it. So THEIR apps are using all MY data?

An hour later, I ended up calling in and purchasing additional service for $15. Just like magic my phone has worked perfectly since then. My original review still stands. Safelink does nothing to resolve the issue.

They do not provide even the mandated minimum for the Lifeline phone service.

They just want you to pay additional money beyond what they are paid to provide the service. I have also sent complaints about Safelink (Tracphone) through the FCC website every month but have heard nothing back on those.

Original review posted by user Aug 10

Every single month since activating my Safelink service, either my calling ability or data service quits working in less than a week. When I call in, the rep insists that I have reached my limit, even though I only use a couple calls.

I have asked for printouts of my calls, and they say their system is not set up to provide that. I let them know that there must be some mistake and a printout of calls would help me figure that out. The reps are rude, and often hang up...Unless you say that you're willing to buy more service. Then their tone changes immediately.

The FCC website say that we are supposed to receive 750 minutes and 1GB mobile data.

Safelink reps say they only provide 350 minutes and 500MB data on the Safelink plan. I asked how they get away with this. One rep said that when you activate their phone, you automatically agree to their terms of service, which is the lesser amount. I wonder if the are only billing the government for half the agreed upon amount, since they're only providing half the service.

I bet not. Isn't that fraud?

Even so, I don't think their usage information is anywhere near accurate, especially since they are unwilling to document it with a call printout list. This month, I somehow used all of my minutes in 4 days with a couple of calls from my doctor's office. Now I am awaiting further testing information for surgery, and none of my medical clinics can call me.

Wasn't medical needs one of the original arguments for implementing this Lifeline phone plan?

Tracfone does not care about your medical situation. Tracphone only cares about how many times they can sell you another 15 bucks worth of service in a month.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: provide the full service that the government is paying for on my behalf.

I liked: Phone and free service.

I didn't like: Total run around everytime have never had a good experience.

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Hi DiscreteBoa. I’m Matt from SafeLink Wireless.

We’re sorry for the trouble this issue has caused you. We understand the importance of correcting the issue that you are having. This is definitely not the experience that we want you to have, and we would be glad to work with you to resolve the problem. We want to make things right.

Please chat with us using this link http://bit.ly/2qdrKHH. For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

You may also text the key word HELP to 611611 to view our self-service menu with a list of help key words with valuable information. Thanks.


My last phone from budget with 500 megabytes and I can take that all month long now with this Safe Link 2 gigabytes or 5 GB they say it's gone in 2 days


Same problem here they told me I'd get 5gb I don't even get 2 and they say I use that up in one day I didn't even use the phone my last phone from budget was only 500 megabytes that lasted me a whole month now these guys give me to GB for 5 gigabytes it doesn't even last me two days what's up

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