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I have tried working with Safelink Wireless for the past three weeks and gotten nothing but more problems and still do not have service.

First, on December 12th I had no service and after a day of trying to contact them, attempting their suggested fixes, I had to endure the interrogation of personal information that is usually not given over the phone, but I did, since I had already provided it initially without thinking. After trying their recovery process, which took another day and got nowhere, I went through the gauntlet of pre-recorded messages and automatic computer phases again before I got to a real person. Dealing with this individual and the canned responses I got the excuse the reason my service was not active for my phone was that I had provided the wrong zip code, they had my billing zip code coded in the system versus my residence. I do not understand this being I am only 6 blocks away from post office and it is still the same area and I have had service undisturbed for two years up to this point. He had me shut off my phone and wait 5 minutes then turn it back on, if that didn’t work do it again, but must wait one hour to give the system time to reboot; and if this didn’t work try it one more time making sure I had waited at least one hour before trying. I humored the guy and after three tries was able to use my phone two days later; little did I know they had change my phone number.

Second, January 1st, after two week of no calls and I had been expecting several return calls for setting up interview times for a real full time job, finally, nothing! I called back and after long waits got a hold of someone, more pleasant than the last two times and helpful, I found out my phone number had been changed without ever receiving notification of the change. I also, informed her I had not yet received my monthly allotted minutes and she assured me I would have them by the next day.

Third, January 3rd, two days later, I still had no minutes and I called, waiting on hold several minutes before speaking to a real person to find out my service had been cancelled without notification. I had tried to cancel my subscription at the start of all this hassle and was inform I could not do so without a justifiable cause for them to cancel and was bound by a service contract through 1/23/2016.

Now, I am without service and must to re-register in order to get service back. I will find another service other than Safelink Wireless, this is the worst service ever and totally unreliable and inconsiderate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #781658

I have moved on. I did get a request from Safelink to give them another try, but after being asked the same personal information once provided and they contacted me directly, I felt enough was enough.

They were playing me. I was not about to go through their re-registering and give them a fourth try at interrupting my life. I have moved on to another program after review the source of the founding a support provided these free phone services. I reviewed the standing and complaints of each company and after some analysis and evaluation; basically weight the pro’s and ***’s I selected Virgin.

Boy!, what a difference in device and service. So far, it has been outstanding and the bonus of it all it is 250 minutes each,; phone time and texting. Plus for a few dollars more double the service, and add web time. You can’t beat this.

I am still a bit skeptical, considering they have an 85% acceptance rating, but beat all others in this rating.

We’ll see in a few months time how great it actually is; like everything else. time proves performance and respectability.


Hi! I read your post and am sorry you are having problems. Please send me your contact information to the following email address We can help you get the problem resolved right away. Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email.


SafeLink Wireless

to MattSL Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #768440

I have given you/your representatives (customer service reps) three distinct opportunities to correct the problem, but as long as you have an outsource service reading canned responses to a general situation there is no real remedy to the actual problem. Besides the redundant treatment (automatic/robotic process) I see no way of giving you a fourth opportunity to screw up my life any more.

to Noway Jose #768461

Hi! Our sincerest apology for what you've gonve through. Please give us a chance to get this resolved. Pleas send us an email at Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email.


SafeLink Wireless

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