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safelink wireless phone problem

i have a question my cell phone won't charge at all and it won't turn on at all and i was wondering if it was the phone or the battery that could be causing the issue


Trying to track down my government phone

I want to know has my government phone been shipped yet or when will it be shipped


replacement phone activation on safelink site

I received a replacement safelink phone, ( Model : Z798BL), after my other safelink phone that wasn't the same model was stolen. The instruction/ activation paper said to visit the website and click activate but I can not find an activate option anywhere on Where do I go on to find the activate button which will allow me to activate my new replacement phone?


Network signal

Why my. Phone won't hold a signal....ZTE jasper


Account Number

I am trying to find the account number due to Im having to change service. I was told the phone serial number is my account number, but I need to make sure. I would like to keep my phone number.


phone service

why can't I reach a real person?


Redeem minutes

Hi my brother in law need to know how to redeem his free minutes he live in Fortwayne Indiana


Why phone say emergency calls only

Phone not working


why when make call says emergancey calls only.?

when make a call says emergency calls only.?


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