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I received a call from Safelink saying I needed to recertify. When I called them, I was told I didn't need to do it now, that I had until October to do it.

I called the technical support number and was told the original number I had already called and they couldn't tell me what the heck was going on or WHY I had received a call telling me to recertify. THEN to make it all BETTER (sic), I had purchase extra minutes when my son was in the hospital and they took my extra minutes and did not roll them over after 3 mos. I purchased these myself. It should not have affected rollover on minutes I had purchased myself.

They said it would affect the 250 minutes I got from them, not ones PURCHASED BY ME. So to say I'm unhappy with Safelink, is putting it mildly.

Review about: Safelink Wireless Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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omg...I've re-cerified on the phone,sent paper work,THEN..I faxed all this stuff...& I can't get my minutes & days on my phone?? WHAT..do I have to do more??

Do you have anyone workin there to understand??? I am SO UNHAPPY w/you people!!


I have been trying for over an hour to get to talk to get my safelink phone recertifiedType your message here


I have been a safelink customer for a long time but I forgot to recertify. Safelink sent a message to my safelink phone to tell me to go to Safelink.Com to recertify


I was told they never received my recert. application.

I have been with safelink for 7 yrs. Then I was told that I had to go thru the process all over again, which I did. I was forwarded to the manager who did my application with me over the phone. I faxed her my eligibility paper from TANF.

I then received a application in the mail and sent that off, with a copy of my eligibility. After waiting two weeks, I called them, and they gave me 500 min. I was receiving 750 min for the past 6 mos. However, because they never received my recert.

application, it went back to 500. Three days after receiving my minutes. My phone was some how deactivated. I called them once again, and was told that they did not know how it happened.

My phone was turned back on. I have been calling them for the past thre days now, because I did not receive my minutes for july. I was told that somehow my enrollment number did not get attached to my account. The supervisor attached it.

I was told to wait 48 hrs. I called today and got a belligerent foreign speaking individual. He not only hung up on me, but he put in his notes that I requested that they cancel my account, because I had another provider. I wish their was someway that I could find out were these ppl are located; so that I could send ICE to that facility.

By all accounts I know there are some illegals there. Taking advantage of innocent americans. I was able to speak with a mangaer jhowever. She gave me 10 emergency minustes and told me I would have to redo an application.

I know for a fact that Roger canceled my account today.

Fortunatley for them, there is no name recognition or initials when they do things such as this, for others to trace. This world is going to the DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why I didn't get my minutes for the month of June


i got a message saying i had to recertify may 1st. i called, i was told i coulndt recerifiy until june 1st.

then i got a letter in the mail saying i had to recerity within 60 days from may 1st. so i go online today june 1st to recertify and gain it says too eqrly to recertify what the *** am i to do?


O.K all...Hope this works for you..I called 1-800-378-1684 keep going I think 6, 5 then 4 on keypad to get to Tech support..basically I begged said been 10 day's not 3 and live in boonies and need phone badly..."Just push the button and activate please"..thats what she did and had my plan within 5 min..I know frustrating and hope this works for you!...."Highpines"




The same thing happened to me. I recertified online and since january 2018 I have not received my 250 minutes per month, But my phone was still alowing me to make calls and I had a lot of minutes left on it. In March 2018 I went to use my phone and my service was cut off.


safe link is horrible.

to Anonymous #1487204

I agree!!!! I have the same problem!

I was texted to recertify. So I called the number and they told me I did not have to recertify!!!! Now I get a letter from Safelink telling me to recertify. I am old school so I asked my manager to Fax it for me.

She did fax it forme yesterday. My phone keeps telling me I have 9 service days left and counting down. Yesterday I had 1 service days left. Today it is at 0!

So I called and was told the same thing as last time!!!!! I do not need to recertify!!!

What GAME is Safelink PLAYING!!!! I think everyone has to go back and get retrained so everyone is on the same page!!!!!

to Anonymous #1516169

soon..you can stick your phone where the sun don't shine!! WHY??

WHY can't I get help??

Computer illiterate,foreign speakers...what to do?? Do YOUS even care??


Have been waiting for over 4 months to get mine re-certified.All I get from them is same bs.Try calling the Lifeline support number for the USAC.org which handles the lifeline phones at (800) 234-9473.


MY name is Ted B Lacey, I am BLIND from CHILD BIRTH!!! please do not send any text messages to me I cannot read them!!Thank YouTed B Lacey


Customer service sucks!


I too am getting texts to recertify, too early when I call them.


I finally found safelink phone number needed new phone since my phone quit in November 2017 not charging and called tonite told customer service that telemarketing made phone quit working been with safelink 2 years can't pay for a phone on a medical card so will safelink reinstate phone for me i can't pay 660.00 a year for phone name Rebecca Bilsing


I sent all the info safelink wanted because they cancelled my service because I did not re-certify but I did, and now they said they did not receive my paper work, I have not had service for 7 months.


I have 0 service end date and I'm supposed to recertify and when I tried to they blocked me and said I was already enrolled. If I am already enrolled then don't I have new end service date.


l have not recieved any messages to recertify and when i got minutes i got no service days with it and i was also told i did not need to recertify either

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