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First off, this is a government funded company that does not seem to employ american citizens, instead they have people working that speak inaudible terrible english and are extremely rude and ignorant. No wonder why this country is in the shape it's in!

Upon recieving my FIRST phone it did not work, of course. I waited three months to get another phone, then by some unforeseen act of electronic miracle when I sat on the first phone it turned on. I figured it must be the contact with the battery which was bad. Once the replacement phone arrived, I no longer needed it.

I have still not been able to get that through the dune coons who work at safelink's thick skulls. Instead, when I called they put me through a test of my patience which was quickly running dry. I wasted 45 minutes on the phone only to not be helped and given more problems, as now my voicemail and texting does not work. I told them to "*** Off" (yes, I absolutely did!) and to shut off my phone, as I am now going with ASSURANCE WIRELESS.

The first few minutes of calling assurance was a relief, I did not have to push 1 for english, which I shouldn't have to. English is the primary language and I do not like being asked to push 1 for english, assurance has a marke a numero dos message which is much more ASSURING.

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