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So I called SafeLink today to apply for the free phone. Evidently I can't receive a phone from them because I live in a rural area and we do not have a letter carrier to deliver mail to our house.

We are required to maintain a post office box. So I have a post office box because I HAVE to, not because I want to trudge out of my house in the snow, rain, sleet, hail to get my mail!

So basically, I am being punished for living in a rural area, I can't have a service that I'm entitled to simply because a mailman doesn't bring my mail to my house! What a load of ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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The problem is that they won't accept a PO Box as a mailing address. It's right in their terms that they do not ship to PO Boxes.

I was told that they have to ship the phone via USPS to your PHYSICAL address, which isn't possible. And according to them, my physical address does not exist. I first tried typing it into the form on their website, which told me "location not found" which is when I called their 800 number. They again searched it to no avail.

My house has been here since 1920, but for some reason isn't in their database. Yet FedEx and UPS find it just fine. I didn't say what they told me made any sense!

I argued with them for over 45 minutes about it....even spoke to a "supervisor" and still the issue was not resolved. At this point I've already switched back to put the LifeLine credit back on my home phone and got a straight talk phone, they can keep their free phone, it's not worth the aggravation.


Hi, my name is Ava and I work with SafeLink. I noticed your concern on this blog and I would like to help you.

Just send me your name, contact number and your phone serial number or cell number and we will resolve your issue right away. I work here and I too have a SafeLink phone. At times there are problems but with the right people to help, your issue will get resolved. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email.

Please email your info to Please include your blog name in your email.


Soooooo, give them your po box number. What's the problem???

I don't get home delivery either from the USPS, but I still have a home delivery address for UPS and FEDEX to use. And I'm issued a free po box just like you. If they need a usps mailing address, give them the po box.

If they need a physical mailing address, give it to them. What is your problem?

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