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I'm trying to get in touch with human services for safelink street team. I am a team member and my supervisors have given me no supplies to work with.

I have had problems up loading documents and now they won't answer their phones. They had my daughter wait for 2 days for them get a tablet and wireless service that I was to be charged for and I still don't have it in fact they won't answer their phones. This process has been so unprofessional from the start.

I do not have any safelink posters or anything. I need a member of administration to please contact me at 682-365-2355.Please.

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Can someone let me know if they ever too the street team test because I failed both but the first one the internet failed and the second one I failed 3 wrong out of 10


I too have had many issues with my phone, but I found this email address to the company and they fixed my problem right away. Some problems may require a little more time to fix but the people at this address are very good.

Try it.

The email address is Also give them your name and account cell phone or serial number.

to MattSL Baltimore, Maryland, United States #930631

You know what MattSL I reviewed a few of your reply and they always start the same. " u too have had a lot of problems with my phone Ect Ect ect" sounds to me that you want to hush people and say just send US ur problems don't put them on the internet. Shaddyyy lookingg

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