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irst of all I have been on the phone with safelink 3 times this week ..They told me I need to register my address cause the lady on the first floor has safelink so I cannot have it..HOW FAIR IS THAT? I get 10 different Reps.

which by the way cannot speak english and tell me everything is all set then I get a denial letter but you can only qualify if you receive help correct? Well they lie cause we would'nt be calling if we did'nt .....Then they tell me I am in the wrong...I am not interested in your service anymore have never been treated the way that I was treated today you people were rude and nasty and I will never deal with you again....If my address for some reason isnt coming up in your system then how does the lady downstairs have your service?????Have you ever thought of that....?

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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@ Mom2kah: What you need to do is to visit nearest USPS office and update your address there. Once it is done wait for about 40-50 days and call the customer care number.They will be able to surely help you.


Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #186042

You have no right to complain about other people not speaking English with the typos and grammar errors you made on this letter. Seriously I doubt it is the case of them not knowing English.

They just don't understand what you are saying if you speak English as poorly as you type. IT is you who does not speak English.


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