sooo..i have a safe link phone. i got a text that im supposed to get my monthly minutes....tried to do it...then it says i cant.

yehh....tried it like....20 times...and now im getting really *** -___- i called the customer service thing and that didnt even work. i had others try to see if they could do it and they clearly failed. i dont even want this phone but its free soo i cant complain about that. but seriously safe link....get your *** together.

i am not satisfied with this phone at the monent. thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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I seen on the report that they hv my city listed as Fond du Lac wi., instead of cumberland Wi


I received my phone on7-2-12. Then on 7-12-12 I ported my landline # over.

Was told a new sim card needed to be sent. A few days later the # was ported over and old sevice stopped. As of today 8-27-12 No sim card has come. I used up about 11/2 hours trying to see why.

Keep getting the answer that it was shipped and due in 5 days each time. # times total I dont hv a landline to call from.

So how do I get my sim card/ seems like cant reload to the ne w # without the new sim card. I need some help pleaser

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