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I am so disgruntled about the services provided for us folks that are on government benefits because we are in need for them as of the Government programs i don't have an issue with... But Safelink is a scam to take info from us for what they consider a great offer.

Wrong tho... When our phone arrives it is so outdated to the technolagy available for the consumer. But because we may not be able to pay $$$ but need a contact phone for medical, jobs, or the need to have in case of emergency. I have to contact each month since signed up for my minutes which takes no less than 45 min.

And once I finally get accomplished i get letters to recertify but when I call them i was not due to need done. Today I called and because no minutes yet i finally spoke to an English understandable lady... She said I was cancelled because I need recertified and she can't do it and to call another dept. Oh heck no I am so beside myself but feel violated through the phone services because it is a scam due to poor services.

What is this company our government allows for us... Bull pucky!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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