my phone was stolen out of my ***.we called safe link they gave us a new phone they put minutes back on the phone. when we call out all we get is the office.

we cant call anybody else.now i have 150 minutes left. still we cant call 911 in case my husband needs help he is disabled.so i wrote martha roby a letter telling her the same thing.

maybe she can get answers about why we cant call out. thats the only phone we have.serial number 011821005987314 1026842432 id phone number 334 333 5076 safe link track phones week of jan 11th

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

  • Martha Roby
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I ain't get my min for Jane :(

I had their *** phone for 16 months. I've yet to be able to make/receive my first call on this junk.

Never worked. Not for one call. Never got through to these animals in the 16 months i had the phone. Never.

Not once.

Not one call. Not one response.


I have a phone that was accidently washed in the washing machine, Do you know if they'll send me a replacement phone? And also- I havent been able to find a contact number to safelink- Do you know a number I cant call or know where I can get it?

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