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i was told i qualified untill i gave them a address witch is a general delivery at post office and was asked do you own or rent i told them its at post office other government agency's use it i was told it had to bea real address well i gave them one was asked agian own or rent told them its a friends address im homeless .

o we dont deal with your kind click i was so taken aback well i called back asked for a supervisor i was asked well get not homeless and reapply im not homeless by choice im homeless due to health. supervisors never around always busy told they need a address because fcc needs to know were i am . its such a crock of ***

they need shut down

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library has free internet and you know nothing about me or my health so you have no place to comment. and they were given a address which they refused to accept


Federal law requires that thet ship to a residential.address. Thats the law not a crock of ***.

If you are homeless how do you have internet access? A guess the better question is if u have internet access why dont you use it to find a job instead of complaining about a good program

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