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My name is geovanna garcia and I'm a low income parent of 3 boys who rely on this phone to be in contact with my boys school and since No vember this people are playing *** game with my minutes and I'm very *** and disappointed on the system I think people need to complaint more so they. Can take you seriously this is some *** and they need pele well train to handle costumes questions they don't know how to answer lots of question they whole systems suck big time but that's some systems. Works

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Plymouth, Michigan, United States #1314782

Run by some *** 3rd world country

Lakeland, Florida, United States #1195342

All I get is a constant recorded message. Over and over with out results.

to Anonymous #1195796

Hi. I’m Matt from SafeLink Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to


Your right Gary i cant send as well.Just call so your min. will be eaten up by someone who can BARLEY speak english no less understand it. Not to worry if M.R.(BET YOU 10,000.00)is elected there wont be a service.

Don't bother to try to contact Wendy on that email address because it tried several times. I copied and pasted her address and changed it from some upper case to lower and still will not work. We have been getting the runaround on phone calls to them for verification and now this. So much for help from Wendy at safe link.


Hi, this is Wendy with SafeLink. I read your post and am sorry that you are having problems.

Please send me your contact information to the following email address My colleagues and I can help you get the problem resolved right away. Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number.

So you don’t have to retype this information, just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email. Please include your blog name in your email.


Hi, my name is Wendy and I work with SafeLink. I noticed your concern on this blog and I would like to help you.

Just send me your name, contact number and your phone serial number or cell number and we will resolve your issue right away. I work here and I too have a SafeLink phone.

At times there are problems but with the right people to help, your issue will get resolved. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email.

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