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I know my blood pressure is through the roof every time I have to call these people in India or wherever the heck they are. I get canned responses IF I ever can manage to get a person on the phone.

The accent of the majority of these people is damned near unitelligible. The level of customer service is way below bad.

Why can't they provide something other than the runaround - call this - no call this number - no call this one instead. You get the same worthless menu each time no matter which of the numbers you call.

I appreciate the having the phone and the service but I hate when I have to call about the glitch du jour.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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im sorry but after dealing with a customer service rep on a regular...(well if that is what is their definition of "regular" buisiness hours from 9-5) that cant speak english very well. They are broken and can hardly hear or understand them.

1- I tell them I cannot understand them because they are breaking up...they fix it and then it gets worse.

2- Even when there is a clear line, 98% of the time, you cannot even understand them. This is a miscommunication of both language barriers but frankly THIS is a AMERICAN company using outsourcing because its cheaper labor.

When a customer calls...We call and expect someone to understand our language alot better then the ways i hear most say on the phone...Its not just Safelink...its alot of corps. Who outsourced because they dont want to pay people good pay..Sorry they are there to be customer service reps.

Some want to get attitudes (which some do and I as a customer dont even cop a attitude till I feel like they are disrespecting me) The whole thing of Safelink being some top notch service is a bunch of BS..People can say whatever they want..-I- as a consumer thinks Safelink has one of the worst customer service reps I ever dealt with..and this is just ONE CUSTOMER.

Thanks but no thanks, keep your phone and keep paying *** pay for broken english reps..sorry ya work for american public through outsourcing..YA better do a better job speaking the broken english...There are some that I am sure can speak good enough english where the communication isnt so bad, but please where are they?

I have yet to deal with a GOOD customer service rep that can speak the English language good enough to have the customer understand. This is SAFELINKS fault this happens but thats what the american people get for letting the government allow companies to do this which shouldnt be in the first place...


Sure - no problem with the service itself. It works fine.

It is only on the rare times when you HAVE to call customer "service" that the system breaks down.

To "NoOne" speaking of speaking English what kind of example is that almost incoherent reply of yours!

Your post makes you look illiterate. Really - you should at least try opening a dictionary before you send.

to JeanDePrato #838149

Aren't you the prissy pedagogue though! The point is them not me here.


I have had no problems with the service.


I work there and not all of them are frome philippines and excuse me but safelink customers talks like ·"$%& you dont finish the words and just scream "I wun My minutes" because you don´t speak well too and we don´t do miracles we have to follow a system if you are not paying at least be patiente with us because when we are saying that the comunication is not well is because we only listen your dog or your the *** noise behind you and barely your voice the problem is that you don´t speak english too and I am a professional in languages and your english is so bad and deformed that the inly english I know is from england


To JeanDePrato: they are in the Philippines. The responses are indeed canned.

While they are saying, "I appreciate your frustration and will do my best to try to help you," they are looking for the correct page to read. If they do not have the answer to your problem pre-scripted, they will tell you, :I can't hear you, you are breaking up," even if you have been on the phone for two hours or more. I didn't use my phone much and had 900 minutes rolled over. The phone would no longer charge.

I called them for a new battery and they sent another phone. It didn't work in my area because they don't understand English much and figured Alabama and Florida were close enough. 63 phone calls, 3.5 months, 30 e-mails, and 5 phones later I finally got a phone that worked but my number had been given away to someone else so I said that was fine. Then I got an e-ail from them saying they would try to get my old number back.

I screamed in my head NOOOOOOOOO. Sure enough, when I tried my phone again it was not receiving or making calls again because someone tried to reprogram the number.

What a fuster cluck. I think my favrite call to them was when I was on hold 3 hours and they came back on the line to say they were closing call back the next day.

to Elaine #614024
you know what most of you are rude to think were trying to help you out with you concern what you always do is SCREAM , call us ***, a mother fu.c.ker and so many bad words. Come to think of it you guys just asking for free phone and free service, its not our fault if we cannot apply you because your address is not properpy registered, if your phone was lost broken , stolen or whatever lie, were just following the procedure were not the one whos implementing the rules for free phone service but rather the government, you have huge of demand like " can i have a camera phone, with bluetooth, internet" BUY YOUR OWN PHONE AND PURCHASE YOUR OWN MINUTES!

Be thanful and appreciate what we are providing for free. if you dont want to pissed off know how to listen for good communication and better ubderstanding , let the customer service rep finish his/her explaination of the procedure and not keep insisting your one sided craft! And who do you think you are? we dont care if youre American and im not pertaining to all Americans.

You're accent sucks either so were just even! Youre not superior to discriminate other races well infact we have similarity and differences. We people from the philippines are hospitable , well mannered but dont dare to mistreat us because we are a fighter were tougher than you, we can still smile and laugh despite of whatever challeges we are facing were not weak unlike many of you. PS: english is our second language and we are multi lingual.

If we are *** you guys were SUPER ***!

*** american ***! were nice if youre nice were rude if youre disrespecful!
to JacquelineJose #1102883

you tried to say it politely but all the hate comes out and your better than american's is jus plain dumb.Nobody is better than anyone!safelink customer service sucks!They can't speak english sep word here n there and then talk too fast just for spite and never solve the problem jus send it to someone else and start all over again

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