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One day I can use me safelink phone. The next day when I tried using it gave me a verizon message say call can not be completed.

People calling my phone would get a message saying my number isn't a working number. My verification is in good standing and I have 1198 minutes on my phone. I always make more than one call a month so there is no justifiable reason I should have gotten deactivated. This happened two weeks ago and I still don't have my phone service back.

I have spent hours on the phone with safelink/tracfone and no one can seem to figure out why my service was deactivated or how to get it back on. They first told me that there was an error on my account in their system and it would take 48 hour to remove to call back. I did that. Then the tell me they cant reactivate my phone so they would send another.

Waited on that. When it arrived I called back in and they tell me the sim card in the new phone is bad and they needed to send a new sim card. Waited on that. When it arrived I called back in and they told me that the new phone they sent would not work in my area.

Transferred me to a different person to get a different phone sent and that person said that there was an error on my account in their system and to call back in in 48 hrs. That was yesterday and that phone call was 3 hrs long. That's about the length of every call I've had to make to them . This has been going on for two weeks now and I still don't have any phone service.

I called the USAC yesterday and with my info they pulled up my status in the lifeline program and my status is in good standing and has always been in good standing. They do show a recent phone number change. I have never requested a number change. I've been very adamant thru all of this that I wanted to keep my same number.

I have this number attached to everything.

I've been with safelink for close to 7 years and I've always had the same number so I've used that number for every account for everything I've done in 7 years. I wonder what I will have to do to get my service back and how much longer it will take ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want my phone service back working..

I didn't like: Safelinks website never works and customer service is awful.

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Same thing just happened to my mom. Her phone worked yesterday.

Today it is deactivated. No one knows why. They just say if you don't make 1 call a month it gets deactivated.

She uses it all the time! Wondering if Safelink has been hacked somehow???



I went through the same thing, twice...the 2nd time was about a year after the first. The both times i got conflicting info, both times they concluded i had another person with a lifeline living with me.

The second time i even took it to the FCC, still no satisfaction I would suggest you may want to go elsewhere, as Safelink isnt too concerned about working with customers, at least not to customers benefit. GOOD LUCK


Similar issue here. My SafeLink phone keeps deactivating about once a week, despite me using it every few days.

It's so frustrating, not to mention unsafe. I was out today (I'm in a wheelchair), needed to make a call and the phone had been de-activated sometime overnight (it worked fine yesterday).

to Mallomar #1428272

Hi. Im sorry to hear your also having trouble with Safelink.

I don't know if all Safelink is thru Tracfone, but I do know that not all the lifeline phone service is not thru Tracfone. Here in my area Safelink/Tracfone is the only lifeline provider. When my phone got deactivated I fought day and night with them back and forth for weeks with no luck getting my phone back on. I am disabled as well so I know how scary it can be to be out and your phone not work.

It took me weeks but I finally got my phone back on and my number back. It seems that the position of PHONE SERVICE FAIRY is held by the FCC. If you want to see Safelink jump thru hoops and I mean flaming hoops just file a complaint with the FCC. That's what I finally had to do.

With in a few days I received an email from them (FCC) saying that they would be serving Safelink/Tracfone with some sorta papers. Well it was just like they were sprinkled with magic dust. All the problems that nobody could figure out or fix for 5 weeks just disappeared. You can go on the FCC site and file a complaint online.

That how you get them jumping ! That's how you get them to do their jobs.

Worked for me anyways. Hope this helps


Same here... Errrrr

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines #1307750

Hi yette529. I’m Matt from SafeLink Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please click on this link http://bit.ly/2gQCmUz?caseId= to chat with a live agent.

For your convenience, you may contact one of our customer care representatives at 1-800-378-1684. Our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

to MattSL Copperhill, Tennessee, United States #1308011

MattSL, I don't mean to be rude, but that response was as helpful as all the other safelink reps I've talked to the last 2 weeks. Do you want to take a guess how Ive talked to those agents ?

Don't strain, I'll say it again. As I stated in the original complaint, I've spent two weeks on the phone (800-378-1684) with customer care representatives. I have also had live chats with agents. Those ended even worse than the calls.

The live chat agents are very rude and very impatient. If you don't have bionic typing speeds they just disconnect. Even after you explain to them that you are very slow at typing and that you really need help so please be patient, They will still disconnect you if you don't get things typed as fast as they want you to or think you should. I was really hoping that posting my story all over the internet, filing a complaint with the FCC, the USAC, the BBB, Consumer Affairs, doing reviews on Pissed Consumer, Ripoff Report, Google, Complaints List and emailing the Safelink Corp.

Office would get me a little more help than what I've been getting on my own ( live chat and customer care reps) which is basicly been no help at all. At least yall are consistent. MattSL, I have to ask... Did you even actually read what I posted ?

How I've spent hours and hours on the phone with the reps for two weeks and haven't gotten my service back or any kind of solution. Why would you respond to that by saying " TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM " contact live chat or customer care agent ?

Your a BIG help ! Thanks so much.

to yette529 #1434607

Fyi, Matt doesnt exist, just computer generated cookie cutter cover-up, i mean cover memo...

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