Tallapoosa, Georgia

I've been waiting for over two weeks for my phone to arrive from safelink.I've heard over and over from other people many,many times about safelink lying about sending customers phones,that never arrive or applications that never arrive.When you call them,they don't have any idea what in the world your talking about.I have a track phone that was stolen about two weeks ago.I called safelink,gave them all my information.This process took almost an hour.They assured me that my replacement phone would be shipped and at my house in 5 business days.My phone hasn't arrived yet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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I have had this exact same thing happen to me. My phone never arrived and when I called to find out what might have happened, the girl on the line (who spoke in an English I could not understand -- very frustrating -- took almost an hour to run through the process of re-shipping me another phone.

I STILL have no received a phone. One of the big problems I see with this system is that if you ask ANYTHING AT ALL, however reasonable or simplistic, if it is outside of the script the Safelink customer service people have memorized to repeat and repeat like parrots, you cannot get through to them or make them understand. I finally gave up expecting any phone.

Totally infuriating! What good was Safelink awarding me a phone if it never showed up!

Same here. Applied in early December and we're now in February. :(

my niece applied for a phone back in decemeber and has not recieved it as of 01-24-2013 can anyone explaine to me why companies offer products and/or services with promises and then not folow through with anything but excuses ? something needs to be done about this or everyone should boycot these so-called places that say they are here to help .but in reality they rip off the american people .and why can she get a number for a phone that cannot seem to be sent or located.


I have not recieved my phone yet. I applied and was approved but have not gotten it yet.

my confarmation no. is 11992241

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