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Filed on : August 1 2014

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Harrell Hall

5198 US Hwy 17 N

Brunswick GA 31525

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SafeLink Wireless

PO Box 220009

Portland OR 97269-0009

Complaint Description:

In March of 2014 I re-verified my SafeLink account, April I recv'd a new phone because my phone became broken. I rec'd minutes in March(2014), April(2014), May(2014), June(2014),and July(2014). around July(2014) I started rec'ing calls from SafeLike about a programing issue with my phone. I called SafeLink 15 times in the month of July to address any and all issues with my phone. They kept telling my that I had been cancelled as of July(2014) due to non-use of my phone for more thant 60 days. I was using my phone daily and each month without fail. I kept getting my mthly minutes and using them. July 14th(2014) I rec'v a recertification notification, and I filled it out and mailed it back in. July 16th(2014) I recv'd an application to re-apply for this program and I provided them with proof letters from social security of my benefits, and proof of me recv'ing food stamps. August 01, 2014 I called them again to ask why I had not heard back from them on my recertification and my application. They told me I had been enrolled with them since 2011 and their records showed I had not used my phone for over 60 days, so I was cancelled. There is a problem with their system of tracking client usage of their minutes. I use my phone daily each mth. I make more than 15 calls a mth. But SafeLink still says I have not been using my phone. The conversation ended after much to do with nothing and ended the same way the other 15 calls ended in July(2014) that they were going to send me another recertification letter and another application to apply. I have done that twice this year(2014). In the meantime I have not recv'd my minutes for the mth. of August, and looks like I will not be recv'ing any minutes for the mth of August till I recv. another recertification notification letter and application. I have been disabled since 1995 and also a disabled Veteran, and have been recv'ing food stamps for a very long time. This is a vicious cycle, and customer service with SafeLink has resulted in me now without a phone. I have run out of minutes contacting them as of today. As of today it is showing on my phones led that I have 243 days left on my service with SafeLink but only 9 minutes left of air time.I need help please.

Your Desired Resolution:

I want my minutes, and a contact number for the head of this government program here in the United Sates that I can file a complaint with also. I want to be treated right.

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I too have had many issues with my phone, but I found this email address to the company and they fixed my problem right away. Some problems may require a little more time to fix but the people at this address are very good.

Try it.

The email address is Also give them your name and account cell phone or serial number.

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