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Well, maybe a dime.

By calling the number someone gave on this website for Tracfone, I was able to get a tech support person whom I could understand and he got the cell phone that I thought was a dud to work. I had made the arrangements the first week in June, was told the phone would be replaced, and finally got someone on the phone who told me how to fix in the middle of July.

The connection is Always poor, so poor I have difficulty understanding my lawyer (I'm in a legal dispute and need to be able to talk to him). And their caller id consists of a phone number only - if a friend is using a new cell phone or is calling from a phone I don't know, I have to answer the phone, thus using up minutes, to find out who the person is.

The minute I can afford to, I'm going back to Verizon and signing up for Lifeline. If you have an elderly family member with a hearing loss, this is definitely not the phone to use.

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I have had the same phone for almost three now and it has been the most reliable phone. Wherever I am the phone has service and the times I have had to call safelink the customer service were a little hard to understand but were friendly and solved every issue i had. My old motorla from safelink is more reliable than my smart phone


You can associate a name to a phone number. It is as easy as editing your contacts.

Pretty standard stuff. Also you can get 60 minute tracfone cards for 20 bucks.


its for free what do u exspect

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