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This is a *** situation, I cannot believe these people are still in business. Well, actually I can.

They are the most unscrupulous people I have ever dealt with!. Not only is their service and phones the worst. Now I have tried to get them to end my service, and they continue to renew my minutes even tho I have spent hours on the phone with them.

I finally just threw the phone in the Trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, the minutes will still be paid for by the government and Safelink will still be getting their money for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 19, 2012

This incompetent Company is supposed to be providing services to low-income, disabled persons, who otherwise can't afford cell service. The only service this company is providing is aggravation and stress for those same persons.

Safelink is collecting monies for services not rendered. The equipment they provide is the very lowest quality, Doesn't have the ability to work in any area. There customer service reps, don't comprehend english, as I learned in school. Nothing can be accomplished by talking for hours and hours to these people.

I think that a petition should be posted on here, and then forwarded to the proper people in Washington DC to terminate any contract the government might have with Safelink, Tracfone, and any other of their companies. Companies being paid by this government for services rendered, should not be out sourcing jobs to other countries, sending our tax (providing help to needy persons)money overseas !!!!!!

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I agree. These agents can barely speak English and had the nerve to give me agent names like Mack Wilson and Edwin Jones.

They could barely pronounce their own trumped up names. I asked if they were in India and the so called supervisor Edwin Jones affirmed. How in the heck is a gov't program outsourcing to India for a service that helps elderly people who barely know how to get around the laborious call prompts.

Now you have to re-certify every month, My Dad, who is 83, was in the hospital and couldn't re-certify on time. His phone was deactivated and these idiots have taken weeks to get this issue resolved.

God forbid he falls and we cant get in contact with him.

Idiots! Talking to them for hours leads to no where land.

Winchester, Kentucky, United States #704444

Everyone should take the time to investigate who you need to contact. Possibly the FCC.

But the main thing is to take action. Considering there must be an overwhelming majority who are getting the shaft here. If we do not fight, then they get away with it.

It's that kind of laziness that got this country in the shape its in. A lazy minded culture paves the way for greed and crime.

Waynesboro, Tennessee, United States #588789

I applied for a phone back in October 2012. It is now January 2013 and I have yet to recieve a phone.

I have called multiple times about this, and they just give me another number to call or transfer me. Everytime I have been transferred the call is disconnected. I don't understand what is going on. They ask for my Enrollment ID number and after i give it to them, I proceed to tell them what is going on, just to hear "You must contact blah blah blah for blah" I mean seriously?

shouldnt they keep a record of how many times a customer calls? and it should show up on when they type my enrollment ID in that i have yet to recieve a phone, instead of them asking for my PIN. When i tell them I dont have a PIn because they havent sent my phone, they get mad...umm its not my fault! This is so irritating.

I have been on the phone with them all morning. Starting to think that this is so not worth the hassle.

Columbia Falls, Maine, United States #580502

It is free so shut up. If you want good things you have to get a job and buy them

SafeLink Wireless has been giving me the runaround for months. I recertify my phone only to be asked repeatedly.

I am given numbers by SafeLink for assistance that do not work or disconnect repeatedly. My friend has been trying to get a low income phone for several months. Postal mail is never received according to SafeLink Wireless. A request for my friends phone was approved and promised recently when we faxed proof of Medicare and Medicaid.

Now we recently sent the requested proof of income by fax and are told today 9-8-2012 the application was denied and everything must be refaxed. This is a scam. Where is all the important personal information going? Safelink Wireless claims to never receive postal mail.

We sent it from the post office and elsewhere yet Safelink denies receiving any of it. The government should shut this scam down.

The SafeLink staff can barely speak English and likes to give low income recipients the runaround too much. Yes bring jobs back to the US not overseas:)

swith to assurance wireless.

drop that one,fast


Thats because it is through tracfone, which has all these problems weather its a free phone or you buy through tracphone.


Who and where do you turn this company in to. I just get the runaround....its a joke

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