My complaint is we are given 250 free minutes each month, which is great but, they can be used up without me even doing anything! Anyone who calls my phone, even if I don't answer it, can use up my minutes by leaving me a voice mail.

I don't even have to accept the message, the phone does. 1st, minutes are used when someone leaves a message, then minutes are used when I TRY to listen to it. I say try because, the phone will 1st make me listen to all of my SAVED messages, then I can hear the new message!!

Recently, I only had 2 minutes left on my phone, so I was guarding them carefully, but when my brother called me and left a message, I wasn't able to access it and it used up my precious 2 minutes just trying to access it! HELP!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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