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Since day 1, when i use it, the wrong number and name shows up on the other end... I have made 6 days of phone calls to report this caller ID problem...

I have been transferred to supervisors who keep saying give it 24-72 hrs and it will be resolved... STILL doesn't work right .. Today they changed my number told me to wait 48 hrs again......

I have little faith it will still work right,,, if not, the *** phone goes in the garbage can... I am tired of explaining the same problem to at least 12 people so far that are foreigners...Our gov't is wasting money on this company

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Free Wireless Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I’m supposed to get 350 minutes a month 18 days into May and I’m out of minutes. By my call log counting every missed call as 1 minute I can only account for 190 minutes something doesn’t figure with that, now I have to go the rest of the month with no phone.

Someone is taking advantage of this program and it’s either SafeLink wireless or Tracfone. This isn’t the first month its happened, just the first I went to the trouble of going through my call log and adding up each call.


Safelink wireless, bring your own phone is a BAD idea in the northwest suburbs of Illinois. I've spent hours on the phone with these people and most of them can't speak English and they've already sent me a second SIM card and now they're telling me that they don't have any Towers in my area so the last 3 months I've had no phone service.

What a *** waste of time these people are & this company is a joke. What if I have an emergency and I have no phone service?


Hi. I'm Matt from SafeLink Wireless.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced.

Let me help you with your concern. Please send us an email with your account information to

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