I didn't get my minutes last month and was left having to buy minutes. This month no minutes again.

To make matters worse send a text that fails or make a call that drops automatically .30 to . 60 minutes deducted!!! I addressed this a couple of months ago and after speaking to someone you could barely understand she tells me per company policy they can only return 0.60 minutes although I lost significantly more!! There phones are the worst!

Luckily my parents bought me a new phone. Do I want to deal with safelink? *** no!!

Someone mentioned assurance lifeline. Going to check it out and hope I can still use this phone because I sure as *** can't afford a new one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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This morning I had 58 minutes on my phone. After a 23 second phone call my minutes went to .08 available!! It is not even possible since my total incoming + outgoing minutes only add up to 10 for the month!

I talked to two representatives who kept assuring me that my minutes were being deducted correctly. I tried to explain that there is no logical way that using 10 minutes total talk time would wipe out 60+ minutes that were assigned from safelink this month. I do not use web browser or data ever - so that cannot be where the monutes went.

I then suggested they send me a new phone since this one must be defective. I think a deduction of 50+ minutes is a defect, but she couldnt do that either.

Thanks for nothing SafeLink.


I have not received my minutes (250 free)this month and don't know who to call. Can't afford to buy minutes.

Have no idea where to go from here....or who to call. Anyone have any info??

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