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I had been a customer of Safelink Wireless since 2005. My wife became extremely ill in 2006 and I was glad to have the Safelink service.

Each year was always a huge hassle and I began back then to wonder if the poor service was worth the it. While my wife was hospitalized and later placed in a nursing home, I added minutes each month to the 125 they gave me - NOT 250 as they advertise - to make certain I always had plenty of minutes in the event of an emergency. I did receive 250 in the beginning; but they then reduced it to 125 without notice. When I inquired about the reduction, I was told that if I wanted 250 minutes, I would have to pay for them and they would not roll over to the following month.

I did not feel I should have to pay for a service which is supposed to be free.

Year after year after year, I had problems with Safelink's so called customer service IF you want to call what they dish out as customer service. Most of the people I spoke to and communicated with by email had very poor English indicating to me they employed uneducated Cubans in the Miami, Florida headquarters.

I continued getting more and more disgusted with Safelink until I finally had my fill of them. In early December 2011, I canceled my service with Safelink.

I will no longer receive any free minutes from them; but I do get to keep the phone and the minutes remaining. Since I have now subscribed to and activated AT&T's "Go-Phone" service, and when the Safelink minutes or service days expire whichever comes first, I shall be very pleased to smash their phone with a large hammer! I will not spend one more dime on this phone or contribute any more money to Safelink. The hassle to keep the phone in service with over 1940 minutes and nearly 700 service days; together with their constant threats to cut off my service (my Safelink service expires on September 29, 2013) for failing to verify my continued eligibility is simply NOT worth it.

Do not kid yourself: Safelink does NOT keep records of its' customers and they do NOT have a clue how to operate a business! I am relieved to be finished with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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I re-certified on the 11th. Today is the 27th and still no service!

The website is useless. All it tells me is my activation is "in progress". Oh yeah, it gave me a number to call with my phone that doesn`t work! I think they spend all day watching internet *** or practicing their Indian accents so we can`t understand them when we borrow a phone to call.

I hope that they are proud of themselves for making a disabled veteran go through the holidays unable to communicate!

I understand that Lifeline, which Safelink is part of was begun under the Reagan administration. No wonder you have to talk to New Dehli.


try to speak 2 or 3 languages, and tell me who it is not educated ahh????? A big FuC$#% U for U


You bunch of freakin lazy aS@##s call to apply want to get every thingh for free threating people as you wanted go screww your self, i work for safelink and i provide Quality service but let me tell you freaks your calls are the heaviest and the worst you Fuc@#% act like paying thousands of dollars. sincerely ScreWW@!!

you!! - and we do not have free phone because thanks to God we do not needed freak


Hey.brianic. they outsource their call center.

They dont employ uneducated Cubans. I would venture to say that most Cubans are educated and dont rely on the government to give them free phones.

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