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I have had Safelink "service" for nearly two years and have accrued over 1800 minutes. Why do I have so many? The quality of the phone/service is so poor that I can barely hear who I am calling and they have difficulty hearing me. I now text instead, except for the mandatory one phone call per month. Also, I have to charge the phone every day as the battery wears out.

I have called Customer Service repeatedly, but always got the message that their lines were busy and to call back later. I finally got a live person a couple of weeks ago. She was nice enough, even though I had a very difficult time understanding her. The call took over an hour and finally she said she'd send me a new phone. At the end of our call when she was going to verify all the information, "the system" went down and we had to start again. I was assured that all my minutes and my phone # would be transferred to my new phone. Nearly three hours on the phone, and the call was completed.

I received the replacement phone yesterday (same model) and tried to register it online and by phone. No such luck. So hear I sit with one phone that doesn't work, and another that I cannot register.

As some people have noted, the phone and service is free to me, but someone is paying for it, so the service should be at least adequate. Why is customer service outsourced? Americans should have these jobs. Also, if the government is willing to help those of us in poor circumstances, why not provide service that actually works?

I truly hope I don't have to count on this phone in an emergency, because as an elderly and disabled person, I find the phone very small and hard to read and texting is so difficult on this phone.

I suggest that anyone looking into one of these phones check out other services first.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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...same here. I have + 4,000 minutes.

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