Not resolved

I have tried to apply 2 times with this service. I know I qualify.

But when I check on my enrollment status is says "invalid". I have sent the criteria, and still "Invalid". I just sent them a letter about this matter. We shall see IF they respond, and what they have to say!

Whay are these companies allowed to falsely advertise, and why are they not doing their job? Pissed! Okay 100 words. Safelink suks.

Safelink really suks, and most importantly Safelink Wireless suks!

The cow jumped over the moon. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

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Sparks, Nevada, United States #648974

I do live in a multi Family complex. A bunch of condos.

I just found out that my neighbor has this service. So why can't I?

I meet all criteria. To date they have not responded!


That should NOT be an issue. Has anyone complained to BBB?


This is just a guess, but do you live in a multiple-family building (e.g. apartments)? If so, you have to explain that to them so it doesn't look like there's more than one phone at the same address..

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