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I had lost my safelink phone in September 2012 and called to report it lost/stolen. The end of September I received a new cell phone from safelink and activated it via customer service (I use that title lightly).

The beginning of October I did not receive my 250 minutes I was suppose to receive so I called them and they kept me on the phone for 65 minutes!! That used the remaining minutes I had from the month before. I cannot believe that they charge me minutes to talk to them about their mess ups!!! I still did not receive my minutes by the following week so I used a friends phone to call them again.

I was on the phone again for 56 minutes and promised the minutes would show up by midnight that evening. Yah right!! Of course they didn't so I called again the next day and another 67 minutes conversation/wait time to correct their mistakes. I did receive my minutes for October.

It is now November 19th and again no minutes posted to my replacement phone!! I call them again and 65 minutes later I find out that my new phone has been inactivated for a reason they could not explain! I now have to wait for a new SIM card to be mailed to my home and then call them again to re-activate a phone that I didn't ask them to shut off!!!!!

I am really tired of all the wasted minutes of just calling a phone service that is suppose to benefit disabled people like myself!!!! Safelink SUCKS!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Replacement.

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