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I received a phone from safelink when I received it the phone was too small for me to see the screen. I have bad eyesight and I explained this to the representative I spoke with when I called back.

The rep told me no problem they will just order me a phone that has a bigger screen so I can see it better. I had to wait nine days and they turned the phone off. So after waiting so long for the replacement phone guess what phone they sent me? The same exactly small phone that I had originally.

Called customer explained why I was calling and was told the people in the warehouse made a mistake. The people in the warehouse can't read English? This situation went on for quite a while and I received a total of four phones all the same original phones. Now the last representative promises me they would definitely get the correct bigger phone to me.

When I checked the latest invoice it shows I am getting the same exactly phone as I got originally it was the same exact phone. The representatives have a hard time speaking English and I have even a harder time understanding them. When you ask to speak someone in the US who I can understand they transfer you to Georgetown Guiana in Africia. Why do big companies like safelink farm out there customer service to a foreign country when there are people in the US that can do a better job.

I am so upset with this company.

First they turn the phone off and leave you with no phone and than the representative cannot rad their computer screens to be able to order the correct phone. This is nor rocket science all a person has to so is be able to read and write English properly but the people who answer the phones for this company don't know to so their job's and safelink doesn't care about their customers.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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